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        Water Resource Studies
        Aggregate Permitting
        Environmental Impact
        Geotechnical Studies
        Air Quality Monitoring


A&A can perform the technical studies associated with your application for a “Certificate of Approval” for a new landfill or an expansion of an existing one. We can also set up and manage the annual monitoring program that will be required and prepare the annual reports necessary to maintain the approval for your site.

Quarry Design and Permitting

The impact of a quarry or gravel pit on the groundwater resource must be determined prior to issuing a permit for its operation. A&A can lead you through the necessary steps to complete your application for a certificate of approval. A&A can perform the technical studies associated with your application for a “Certificate of Approval” for a new quarry or an expansion of an existing one.

Surface Water Monitoring

TheA&A can conduct upstream and downstream studies to identify surface water quality issues associated with industrial activities, landfills, sewage lagoons, etc. Water balances, flow rates, dilution factors and water quality parameters can all be monitored and assessed to keep you in compliance with current legislation..

Attenuation Zone Delineation

Many landfills are operated using natural attenuation of the contaminants to control the environmental impact of the landfill on the surrounding area. Such attenuation zones must be defined and recorded on the land title to comply with current regulations.

Groundwater Well Installation

Groundwater monitoring wells are required in order to sample the groundwater quality and to define the direction and rate of flow of the groundwater through a site. This information is critical in assessing a site’s impact on the surrounding environment. A&A is registered as a well contractor in the Province of Ontario and has a licensed well technician to oversee the installation of monitoring wells around landfills, sewage lagoons and contaminated sites. The company has its own drilling equipment for installing and repairing theses wells.