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        Water Resource Studies
        Aggregate Permitting
        Environmental Impact
        Geotechnical Studies
        Air Quality Monitoring


Certificate of Approval (Air)

Industrial/commercial stacks are major sources of air pollution and under current legislation they must obtain a “Certificate of Approval (Air)” prior to commencing operations. Operations such as auto body paint-spray shops are included in this legislation. A&A can complete the application for your certificate of approval by investigation the emissions, recommending changes where needed and completing the technical details required for the application.

Indoor Air Quality Studies

“Sick Building Syndrome” is a growing concern due to airborne contaminants such as vapours, moulds, dusts ect., affecting employee health. Also, the Ontario Ministry of Labour has identified a number of “Designated Substances” which must be carefully controlled to avoid employee exposure to these substances. A&A conducts indoor air quality studies to determine the levels of the substances present.

Mould Investigations

Airborne mould spores are causing increasing allergic reactions in the human population and many residences, offices and other establishments are finding increasing effects on the building occupants with symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to serious medical crises. A&A has the expertise to conduct mould investigations which will identify the source of the mould and the quantity and type of spores and advise on how to deal with the mould.