Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Cleanups and Other Services

Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)

Many financial institutions now insist that all commercial real estate loan applications be preceded by an environmental site assessment (ESA) of the property showing that the property meets the current environmental criteria for a clean site. An ESA considers the environmental history, neighbouring properties, and persons of knowledge and includes a thorough visual/olfactory inspection of the site to see if there are any actual or potential issues. There can be four phases required to complete an ESA of a property depending on what issues are identified in the initial Phase I.


Once the extent of the contamination has been defined the site cleanup is conducted. Various technologies and approaches can be used to achieve this, depending on circumstances.

Record of Site Condition

Under current Ontario Regulation 153/04, no building permit can be issued for any site which is being re-developed form an environmentally less sensitive to a more sensitive use without first obtaining a 'Record of Site Condition' (RSC). For example, a former commercial site which has been sold to a residential property developer will need a RSC before any building permits can be issued. To obtain an RSC, the property must first undergo a thorough investigation of its environmental condition and if necessary, a cleanup or risk assessment. Some clients, however, may wish to have an RSC completed even if it is not required by law since the RSC becomes attached to the land title, confirming that the site meets the current applicable criteria.

Other Services

Other services are a broad category of services including all investigative services for a variety of contaminants, tank removal, environmental audits and special projects. A&A is capable of a wide variety of investigative services for contaminants in air, soil or water and are able to design a custom approach to a problem in order to gain an understanding of what contaminants are involved and how to address them appropriately. We have also undertaken a number of special projects that require creative problem solving approaches to complete. If your project does not fit entirely into one of our general service categories, please call us to find out if we can design a solution for you.