Air Quality Studies

Certificate of Approval (Air)—Stack Emissions

Industrial/commercial stacks are major sources of air pollutants and under current legislation, they must obtain a “Certificate of Approval (Air)” prior to commencing operations. Operations such as autobody paint-spray shops are included in this legislation . A&A can complete the application for your certificate of approval by investigating your emissions, recommending changes where needed and completing the technical details required for the application.


Indoor Air Quality Studies

“Sick Building Syndrome” is a growing concern due to airborne contaminants such as vapours, moulds, dusts, etc., affecting employee health.  Also, the Ontario Ministry of Labour has identified a number of  “Designated Substances” such as lead, asbestos, silica, etc., which must be carefully controlled to avoid employee exposure to these substances.  A&A conducts indoor air quality studies to determine the levels of these substances present.


Mould Investigations 

Airborne mould spores are causing increasing allergic reactions in the human population and many residences, offices and other establishments are finding increasing effects on the building occupants with symptoms ranging from mild discomfort to serious medical crises.  A&A has the expertise to conduct mould investigations which will identify the source of the mould and the quantity and type of spores and advise on how to deal with the mould. 




Designated Substance Assessments

The Ontario Ministry of Labour has identified a number of contaminants as particularly troublesome and has listed these as “designated substances” under the Occupational Health & Safety Act.  Among these are two substances commonly found in older buildings: asbestos and lead.

Lead-Based Paint Investigations

Lead-based paints were commonly used up until the mid-1950's and many buildings have these present.  Lead is a contaminant which is particularly dangerous for young children who may chew on lead-painted surfaces such as window-sills.  A & A can conduct an assessment of your building for lead-based paints.

Asbestos Assessments

The use of asbestos in building construction materials has been widespread throughout most of the twentieth century but it is now clearly linked to certain types of human cancers such as mesilthelioma and so the allowable levels of airborne asbestos in the workplace are now strictly controlled.  Its chemical and fire-resistance properties were put to full use in insulation materials such as pipe-wrap and  boiler insulation and construction materials such as wall board, siding, roofing, floor tiles, etc.  Recently it has been discovered about 2/3rds of the “Vermiculite” insulation used in Canada carries high levels of asbestos fibres.  As a result, many residences and commercial buildings  built before the mid 1980's have asbestos-containing materials within them and this represents a serious health concern to the occupants, particularly if the asbestos-containing materials are disturbed during renovations or repairs.  In 2005, Ontario enacted Regulation 278/05 under the Occupational Health & Safety Act requiring that all renovations on buildings be preceded by an asbestos assessment. A & A can conduct this type of assessment and organize the removal of asbestos materials from your building should this be necessary.

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